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eagle point international Community

Family worship church



  • Empowerment: We find merit in people's individual stories, purposes and giftings while offering opportunities to them to reach their fullness in Christ.

  • Philanthropy: We desire to be a source of strength for our neighbors, city and world by leading the way in generosity and giving on "every good occasion."

  • Innovation: Through creative, excellent, and exuberant worship, solid discipleship, creative outreaches, and passion for the Holy Spirit, the Kingdom of God will be expanded exponentially. 

  • Community: We actively work to teach the gospel and develop meaningful relationships that break cultural, denominational, generational, economical, and ethnic barriers to create synergy for the Kingdom of God. 

  • Neighborly: We enjoy creating environments to serve and engage the world with friendship, helpfulness and kindness for the purpose of building strong communities citywide.

  • Open Arms: From the parking lot to the pew, we endeavor to create a warm, authentic and invigorating atmosphere.

  • Life-Giving: We aim to create opportunity for others to win, we seek first to understand than to be understood, and attempt to be proactive in our approach to meeting the needs of people. 

  • Audacity: We live and breathe to be known for our "over the top" faith, bold belief for the seemingly impossible, and relentlessness in building an unwavering church of healing, hope and love. 




  • Salvation: Reaching people is one of our greatest responsibilities. Our Weekend Gatherings serve people at all stages in their spiritual journey but are primarily geared toward the lost and the unchurched.

  • Transformation: Real life change happens in the context of relationships. eGroups are where you'll find true transformation. We believe that our church must grow larger and smaller at the same time.

  • Redemption: Discover and develop your redemptive purpose. Flight Class is designed to lead you through a step-by-step process of growth and leadership.

  • Fulfillment: All of us were created by God to make an impact. God's ultimate goal for our life is to make an eternal difference in the life of another person.




Pastor James and Kim started on the lakefront in June of 2015 with 7 people. Once they started growing and the weather started changing, they moved to the Clubhouse at Georgetown Community in New Orleans East. They soon outgrew that space as well and began to partner with local churches and venues to host pop up worship nights, sharing their music and ministry out in the community. That soon evolved to pop up church and they started hosting services in unconventional venues like restaurants, BBQ joints and coffee shops, singing, praying and sharing the Word with people who may not have come to a more traditional style church service.

Along with the community services, they created mobile bible studies like Walk4Love and Bike4Love, giving people an opportunity to get out in their communities and become a movement not just a religion. They walked, or rode bikes, through areas like the CBD shouting, “LOVE!”, feeling it reverberate back off the buildings, and ending with a short, 10 minute inspirational talk. Many of the people who joined in these events didn’t even know they were coming to a mobile bible study, but they began to see people become interested in a relationship with Jesus and find real life change. That was when they realized the importance of engaging the unchurched in relevant, impactful, and new ways.

Community outreach has always been in the forefront of Pastor James and Kim’s hearts and minds. They began to do outreaches in partnership with charity organizations like Ai Spread Love in NOLA, and to do Back2School and Toy giveaways. They organized community events like kickball games and summer camps, and hosted movie nights on the lawn in their neighborhood, subtly creating opportunities to build relationship with people and open the door for them to pray and minister in their lives.

At the end of 2017, after suffering some setbacks in his life, Pastor James thought back to August 19, 2015 when he surrendered, after running for years from God’s call, to become a pastor. He felt as though, just as an eagle will stir the nest to shake up the hatchlings and drive them to fly, God had been using those setbacks, along with all of the pop up churches, mobile bible studies and outreaches, to prepare him to finally pastor a full-fledged church. So, in January of 2018, he and his family hosted their very first #EPICNightsNOLA event and announced the upcoming launch of Eagle Point International Community Family Worship Church (EPIC).

EPIC went through a season of Pre-Launch from Jan to August of 2018, building a team, establishing recurring outreaches like #Hashtaglunchbag, and hosting events, worship nights, and services at multiple locations and times. On August 19th, 2018, exactly 3 years after Pastor James surrendered to God’s call on his life, he was installed as the pastor of EPIC NOLA church. Since then, EPIC has been steadily seeing God move, changing lives every week, and the best is yet to come!




to be a growing community, Led by god, Loving Like Jesus, & lending a hand



to inspire people in to a vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ



We love to come together to worship God, find freedom, and encourage one another. Our Weekend Gatherings serve people at all stages in their spiritual journey. Whether you’ve been in church, away for a while, or never been, we believe you’ll find something life giving, relevant and real. Each gathering is designed to inspire you, your family, and your friends into a VIBRANT relationship with Jesus.

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